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The Right Expert Will Guide You Through This Unprecedented Market - HOMEVETS REALTY - Experience the Great Service!

In a normal market, it’s good to have an experienced guide coaching you through the process of buying or selling a home. That person can advise you on important things like pricing 

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Why This Is Not Like 2008 Again - HOMEVETS REALTY - Let The Experts Help You! Real Estate Veterans!

During the Great Recession, just over a decade ago, the financial systems the world depended on started to collapse. It created a panic that drove some large companies out of business (ex. Lehman

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Home Price Appreciation Is as Simple as Supply and Demand - HOMEVETS REALTY - TEXAS

Home price appreciation continues to accelerate. Today, prices are driven by the simple concept of supply and demand. Pricing of any item is determined by how many items are available compared

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Today’s Market, Listing Prices Are Like an Auction’s Reserve Price - HOMEVETS REALTY - Real Estate Veterans

For generations, the process of buying and selling a home never really changed. A homeowner would try to estimate the market value of their house, then tack on a little extra to give themselves some

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